Best Sichuan Food Singapore


Back when China was divided into three kingdoms, the Sichuan area was part of the Shu kingdom, which was located in the southwest corner of the country. Sweet cuisine was popular among Sichuan people at the time.


People added ginger, onions, chives, and mustard to meals until the Jin Dynasty, and the cuisine was known as pungent food at the time. So there is no heat in the best Sichuan food Singapore at the outset. Some meals, such as cooked pork with mashed garlic, can still be found with the classic flavor.


Hot peppers were introduced to China some 200 or 300 years ago. People in this area began to cook using hot peppers on a regular basis. Hot peppers were said to be popular among the people.


Along with the evolution of the Best Sichuan Food Singapore, many Sichuan foods have developed a distinct spicy and numb flavor profile.


Another factor for the popularity of hot peppers could be the weather. Hot peppers and Sichuan peppercorns (also known as Sichuan pepper) are considered the heart of Sichuan cuisine. In Sichuan province, there are numerous mountains.


In addition, the peculiar terrain results in high water content in the air. For dehumidification, residents in this area should consume hot peppers and peppercorns. When hot peppers were not available, ginger and other spices were used in place of them.


In today's top Sichuan food Singapore, there are hundreds of flavors to choose from. And each dish has its own distinct flavor and aroma. Sichuan cuisine employs the majority of Chinese cooking techniques.


Another feature that distinguishes Sichuan cuisine is the seasoning. All of the numerous types of spices employed in Sichuan cuisine bestow the long-lasting life of Sichuan cuisine, from banning vinegar to Dou-chi (fermented soybeans) to famed Pixian Doubanjiang and Chongqing chili sauce.